Drywall Repair Ocala FL

We are a premier drywall repair and installation services company. Small drywall repairs are always included with the purchase of any of our interior painting packages but we do also offer it as a separate service.

Our company’s experts are trained to refinish cracks, tapes, and corners, smooth and strip texture and wallpaper, and create a smooth, finished wall.

Whether you need repairs to your existing walls or full installation of completely new walls, our experts will get the job done right. Our company will repair or install brand new drywall and leave your walls entirely finished with paint and primer.

drywall repair Ocala FL
drywall repair company Ocala FL

How We Get Your Walls Back in Shape!

Small nail holes and cracks are fixed using fast-drying spackle. Bigger holes or cracks that are deeper than surface level necessitate a joint mixture that is first mixed with water to harden prior to applying to the walls. These solutions are available as a powder and have a wide variation of setting times ranging anywhere from 5, 60, or 90 minutes. Patching solutions available in stores today are very easy to apply and due to its light composition, it doesn’t sag at all, allowing the filling of extremely large holes evenly smooth to the surface. Certain holes may need the use of stick-on mesh patches on top of the deformed area prior to being treated with several thin coats of joint setting compound.

Causes of Drywall Damage

Drywall happens to be especially vulnerable to degradation and other forms of damage that necessitate hiring a professional contractor such as us. Reference the below for a list of the most commonly come across causes of wall damage:


  • Water damage caused by leakage from a faulty water line. Although drywall is very strong, when it’s exposed to water for too long it can become damaged.
  • Moisture and humidity variation can result in plasterboard or gypsum board to expand or contract.
  • Installation defects such as over-cuts with a drywall knife at the corners of openings, or inadequate joint finishing.
  • Damaged drywall cornerbead that undergoes a lot of mishandling can become dented and damaged over time.
  • Pesky termite home invasion. Even though they don’t necessarily eat the drywall, termites will eat away the paper and glue that covers the drywall board. When the wall retains water, the paper soaks up water and invites the termites in. They will burrow in between your painted wall and your drywall as they continue to eat their way and completely destroy the walls.
  • Frost heaving foundations may also cause differential movement in building walls that result in tears or cracks in plasterboard, gypsum board, or drywall.
  • Furniture scuff marks when moving heavy or bulky furniture into or around your home may bust into the drywall and cause scuffs.
  • Popping nails through the drywall that hasn’t been adequately secured.

Our Drywall Services Ocala FL

  • Repair
  • Patching
  • Finishing
  • Installation
  • Ceiling Repairs of Holes & Cracks
  • Wall Repairs of Holes & Cracks
  • Plaster Repairs

After the cracks or holes are repaired, they must be allocated ample time to dry, we recommend 24 hours, before they can be sanded. Sanding will create a lot more dust than you think, so we set drop cloths or plastic on floors and furniture to guard them from dust. Sanding correctly takes patience and experience to achieve an even and smooth finish. It’s very important to get it done right because once the paint is applied, any blemishes will become much more noticeable.

drywall repair service Ocala FL